My old friend Andy McClelland is a brilliant singer/songwriter, an Indie musician with an amazing portfolio. He has given me a wonderful Christmas gift by turning two of my poems into songs.


Here is the first tune called…

I’m a Grandpa for Rent
(Lyrics by Robert McBryde)

Give the tune a listen by clicking here…lyrics below

I’m a Grandpa for Rent


I’m a grandpa for rent, long in the tooth but still pretty spry;
I’m a geezer for hire, I’m a happy old guy.


When you’re exhausted, worn and whacked out because of your kids,
I’m here; I’m available; I’ll accept any bids.


I sing; I tell stories; I like ice cream and pumpkin pie;
I spoil youngsters for pleasure, and I don’t even try.


I love dinosaurs and bowling, toy trucks, Lego, and card games;
I play Nerf ball, and Barbie, and I make all sorts of crazy claims.


Children like me, because I’m still a child;
I gotta lotta dad jokes up my sleeve . Yeah that’s where they’re filed.


My own kids had to put up (they did) with my anxiety and moods,
Bad clothing, bad cooking…I made them eat all sorts of foods!


But I leaned a lot from all those mistakes,
So go chill out and perk up, take yourself a break


From the rigours of parenting, the whining, the hassles,
The tension, dilemma, and heartbreak when the waves wash away the sand castles.


Your small fry are yours, but I’ll love them like the best;
No parental pressure and you get to take a breath


When they’re with me, I can see why you love them;
They welcome you back with open arms; and hugs that never end.


Then I’ll wander home to my own smilin’ life:
To our wonderful grown up lads and my beautiful wife.


Yeah, I’m a grandpa for rent, I’m long in the tooth but still pretty spry;
A geezer for hire, I’m a happy old guy.


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