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Until the other day, I thought ‘Indie’ referred to a famous car race. You know, like the Indie 500… though I just discovered that the race is spelled ‘Indy 500’.

Until out of the blue, I received this email message.

“We wanted to give you the heads up that your IndieReader Pro book review has been posted at IndieReader.

Please note that your book received a rating of 4 stars or above, making it “IndieReader Approved”, a designation we created to make it easier for readers and booksellers to identify quality indie titles. Post the sticker proudly, knowing that your title was judged by top industry professionals—not as merely a great indie book—but as great book, period.

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We will send you an email when we post [the interview] in approximately two to four weeks.”

Here are some highlights from the review:

“Robert McBryde waited his whole life to release MY TIME WITH YOU HAS BEEN SHORT BUT VERY FUNNY. His whole life is in this book, a collection of humorous, personal, and often poignant essays. Many of these stories have been told over McBryde’s 35-year career as a teacher and radio broadcaster in Canada. But, gathered together, these tales infused with hindsight and wisdom take on a new life.

MY TIME WITH YOU HAS BEEN SHORT BUT VERY FUNNY is greater than the sum of its parts. McBryde often employs purple prose for comedic effect. He recalls the unwelcoming classrooms of his youth as “another boiling cauldron of amorphous atavism and animosity.” Later in the book, McBryde reflects on the smoke-filled “good old days” of Canadian radio: “The premises of this august branch of Canada’s national broadcaster were a stinky, fuggy, cluttered locus for rumpus, with harried employees beetling about the cubicles, looking dog-tired as they emerged from the billowing tobacco smoke that enveloped their nether realm.”

Facing life with a sense of humor is McBryde’s default style, as his jokes are often self-effacing, but there is a lot of pain and sorrow behind the laughs. While McBryde portrays his father as a cartoonish, hot-tempered Scotsman, the image of an abusive bully still comes through loud and clear. When McBryde’s mother plans a family trip to see a play, his father makes her pay for the cultural excursion: “Dad held forth for days about how idiotic and horrendous the experience had been, complete with remorseless salvos against my mother and her uppity aspirations.”[…]

[This] memoir is… an enjoyable and touching read.

Radio listeners in Quebec are already familiar with the wit and wisdom of Robert McBryde. The non-fiction collection, MY TIME WITH YOU HAS BEEN SHORT BUT VERY FUNNY, gives the rest of the world access to the author’s inimitable style.”


~Rob Errera for IndieReader


The last time I received any stars was from Miss Hunt for spelling in grade three.



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Publisher’s Note:  Funny, manic, and wistful… self-deprecating creative nonfiction…The author, Robert McBryde, a professional translator, has been compared to David Sedaris for the sometimes-snarky autobiographical satire characterizing his literary sketches. Many of the stories in his new book, titled My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny, have been featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio network.


Author’s Note:

I’ve written a new book of creative non-fiction titled My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny, recently published and now on the market. The book is based on stories that I told over the years as a writer/ broadcaster and host on CBC radio based in Quebec City, Canada.

The book is available via my website. The purchase links are at the bottom of the home page.


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