Instagram…a lament


I’m a fledgling pseudo writer,

At most just a flash in the pan,

I’m a decrepit low tech old geezer,

But I’m told I need Instagram.


My book has very few readers,

I’m not but an also-ran,

But young people contend that the solution,

Is a presence on Instagram.


They say my pictures aren’t sexy,

Sometimes foolish, but mostly just bland,

The attraction is definitely elsewhere,

Especially on Instagram.


A publisher said ”I’m sorry,

You’re just a funny old ham,

But your writing doesn’t actually matter;

What matters is Instagram.”


“Get rid of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Goodreads,

They’re basically a bit of a scam,

Start taking a whole bunch of selfies,

And post them on Instagram.”


She noted that I have very few followers,

Some are friends; others seem more on the lam.

One is a dog named Fiona,

The cutest on Instagram.


What I need is an agent, a life coach,

A mentor, who isn’t a sham,

A role model with a bevy of readers,

A master of Instagram.


Robert McBryde Author (20+) Facebook