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Ode to Thailand: Antlers and Ancestors Part Two Ancestors and Spirit Houses

Bangkok Christmas 2023 There are spirit houses throughout Thailand, in secluded fields, along bustling streets and thrumming highways, and in all the malls, everywhere in the ubiquitous malls. These shrines are designed to honour ancestors and also to provide shelter for such spirits that could cause problems if not appeased. In Thailand, it’s a long-standing..

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Ode to Thailand: Antlers and Ancestors Part One…Antlers

Bangkok Christmas 2023 Antlers in the mall   I greet you from Thailand A land that so suits me. Where kitsch is as ubiquitous As an exotic Thai fruit tree.   Here people wear antlers For Christmas, for fun. They wear elf hats and reindeer And crowns by the ton.   I’m foolish; I’m hackneyed;..

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