Weetabix: The Song

My old friend Andy McClelland is a brilliant singer/songwriter. Recently Andy has taken some of the silly song lyrics and doggerel that I’ve written and turned this dross into some golden tunes.

Our most recent collaboration is “The Weetabix Song” that Andy has created based on a satiric little piece that I wrote about my wife’s fondness for that breakfast cereal and for other such delights that she gobbled down as a newcomer to Canada after fleeing her native country of Czechoslovakia in 1968.


I write a great deal about the immigrant and refugee experience, with a quintessentially Canadian focus.


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Enjoy the tune by clicking here:




And listen to Andy’s many splendid creations by clicking here:



Here are three more tunes that we’ve created together. Another new one will be posted very shortly:






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Happy reading…and listening!

Your friend,