Book launch…Here’s the announcement of the event to launch My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny here in Dijon France:

Event at the local English Bookstore: Book reading with author Robert McBryde. His book is a collection of stories and sketches exploring the humour, absurdity and sadness of everyday life. Robert is a writer and translator from Canada, where he also worked as a radio host and a literature and theatre teacher. We invite you to come to the reading tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm. Time & place: Saturday, November 25 at Burgundy Bookworm, 1 rue du Champ de Mars. 3-5pm.

Événement à la librairie anglaise locale : Rencontre avec l’auteur Robert McBryde. Son livre est un recueil d’histoires et de vignettes explorant l’humour, l’absurdité et la tristesse de la vie quotidienne. Robert est un écrivain et traducteur canadien, qui a également travaillé comme animateur radio et professeur de littérature et de théâtre. Nous vous invitons à assister à la séance de lecture samedi à 15 heures. Lieu et heure : Samedi 25 novembre, au Burgundy Bookworm, 1 rue du Champ de Mars. De 15h à 17h.

This is my first ever book launch! It is so bizarre to have written a book, so unexpected. And what better place to launch a book featuring the unexpected and the absurd than in a bookstore called Burgundy Bookworm!

I want to thank all the kind folks who have urged me to pursue this quixotic literary adventure.

A special shout out to Leigh Bateman, a sparkling wit, for all his gracious comments; to Karyn Miller-Medzon, for refusing to read the sketches until they were published; to Alexandra Haedrich and Émilie Lalonde for sharing their cat stories and love of Thornton W. Burgess; to Di Stengal Brown and Elizabeth Doyle, who remember so much and have their own stories to tell; to Neda Marincic for reaching out with such enthusiasm and sensitivity; to Peter Boyce, who answered my messages and meant so much to me when I was a teenage golfer; and to Merilyn McKelvey, Warren Clements, Laurel Thompson, Andy McClelland, Art Fidler, and Allan Stratton for agreeing to read certain sketches in advance, above and beyond the call of duty.

I would never have persisted in my writing without the encouragement of the acclaimed author Joe Kertes, who is really talented and really funny!

A huge thanks to Mr. Kurtz from Pán Boh!

I’m also grateful to an array of former students and colleagues from my teaching days at Champlain College-St. Lawrence in Quebec City, and especially all the brilliant student actors and performers who taught me so much.

A special thanks to my sister Vicki McBryde for letting me include her in my stories, and for not nixing the burning towels, and to my cousin Tammy MacBryde Farr, a faithful reader who has passed on so much Vermont family lore.

I am also so grateful to our dear friend and colleague Aroa El Horani, who has always laughed at my silly stories and corny jokes. When I write, I often have her mind in mind.

Lastly, I have no words to express my gratitude to my wonderful sons Dan and David and to my gentle wife Anne, the love of my life. This book is above all my gift for them, a labour of love.

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Publisher’s Note: Funny, manic, and wistful… self-deprecating creative nonfiction…The author, Robert McBryde, a professional translator, has been compared to David Sedaris for the sometimes-snarky autobiographical satire characterizing his literary sketches. Many of the stories in his new book, titled My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny, have been featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio network.
Author Robert McBryde


Author’s Note:
I’ve written a new book of creative non-fiction titled My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny, recently published and now on the market. The book is based on stories that I told over the years as a writer/ broadcaster and host on CBC radio based in Quebec City, Canada.

The book is available via my website. The purchase links are at the bottom of the home page. 

I will post two blogs per week, normally Wednesday and Friday mornings at around 9:30 a.m. (Eastern Time). Stay tuned!